Windoform is the most aesthetic way to open a door or window.
windoform kurumsal


Since 1993, WINDOFORM®; with the experience in the field of industry and manufacturing extending to 1963's, produces door and window handles for aluminum and PVC profiles on a closed area of 6500 m2 within Çetmen Industrial Site. WINDOFORM®, with this 56 years of experience manufactures all the material required for the production of handles in its premises at automated zamac, plastic and aluminium injection presses and robotics.


WINDOFORM® developes its products both by aesthetic and design means as a result of contiuous research & development studies and competes with the forthcoming leaders of the market. WINDOFORM® is one of the forthcoming leaders of the Turkish market and competes with its wide range of models, price and service. WINDOFORM® with its renovatory structure keeps its target and vision dynamic all the time. Instead of undersigning a short-term success, places particular importance not to only financial and business administration, but to social and ecological matters as well. Chairman Mr. Aydın Yüksel and his team have great part in carrying WINDOFORM® today with their particular experience and renovatory ideas.

WINDOFORM® added aesthetic, function and ergonomy to door and window that are indispensible features of buildings, by increasing customer satisfaction and employment and also added value to this sector by adding different point of view and enthusiasm. WINDOFORM®, with its special products at wide range of colours, sub-industries and marketing net-work in İzmir-İstanbul and Gaziantep operates a quick supply chain that impresses the sector.